OPUS 3-D Specifications


                 Instrument Specifications

Size: Depth=20”, Height= 22”, Width=12”

Weight= 80 lbs

Required Voltage: 100-240 ac, 2.0 A, 50/60 Hz

Single-Board Computer: 650MHz CPU w/ 512M RAM using Windows XP Embedded

Operator interface:  256 color touch screen monitor

Data Ports: (2) USB for Memory Stick and Printer (both included), (1) LAN, (2) Serial

Generates Excel compatible data files for data analysis

USB Printer and Memory Stick

Calibration Shim Set

               In-Plane Test Specifications

Test area diameter:  75 mm (50mm effective area)

Minimum specimen area diameter:  100mm

Thickness:  for Paper: 20 – 2000mm, and up to 10000mm (0.4 in.) for composites and plastics  

Bender-type bimorph transducer  (4):

Spring-loaded contacting blades:

Length: 5 mm

Width:  0.65

Operating frequency:  100 kHz  

Testing Modes:

MD and CD Longitudinal

45-degree and CD shear

Longitudinal Polar diagram at

9, 11.25, 18, 22.5, or 45 degree  increments


             Out-of-Plane Test Specifications                                                     

Test area diameter19mm

Minimum specimen area diameter:  25mm

Thickness:  for Paper: 20 – 2000mm, and up to 10000mm (0.4 in.) for composites

and  plastics  

Loading pressure: 50kPa ± 2kPa

Piezoelectric ceramic transducer assemblies (2):

 Removable soft-platen terminated plastic delay lines

Length: 15 mm

Rubber disc thickness: 0.76 mm ( 0.030 inch)*

Operating frequency:  1 MHz  (others are available) 

Testing Mode:  ZD Longitudinal